Monday, June 6, 2011


I've made quite a few potholders out of a pile of quilt squares my Mom bought at a garage sale many years ago. Originally I made them in groups of 4, but it's getting harder to match up more than pairs.  So many of these were made for family and then I listed the rest in my shop.  Some have sold, but definitely not as many as I'd hoped.  I love them so much for their kitchy quality.  Very funky chic, if you ask me.
All these blocks look like they were cut from scraps or old clothes.  Some blocks have pieced squares!  Originally, they must have intended 4" squares to make 7" finished blocks.  They're all cut a little wonky and sewn a little crooked, so I had to trim them square again and lost about 1/4 inch.  The first potholders I made, I was so careful to only trim as much as I had to, to make them square.  Bah!  What a waste of time.  This time I just cut them 7" square.  So much easier.

Here they are, square, with backing and heat resistant filler all ready for sewing.  I only made the 10 that have the gold backing.  Need to look for more material to match the red squares.

Sewn, turned, slip stitched closed and top stitched.  Front and back.  Picking fun colors for the top stitching is part of the fun.  These will be listed in my shop today.

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