Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Scrappy Triangle Blanket

Finished!  Ta da!

A close up of the backside.

There are 10 rows of  triangles.  Here all the matching colors are lined up in a box lid and I'm part way through cutting the other 120 random scrap triangles.  Finding pieces in my bags of scraps was pretty fun!  I tried to choose zingers as well as neutrals.

Laid out and ready to sew.

The first 2 rows sewn and ironed.  These made me smile, a lot!

Choosing thread color is as much a part as choosing wools.  All threads show in these blankets.

A little more done.

Folded up neatly and waiting for a new home.  Listed in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Custom order blankets

I'm so happy these are finally finished.  My customer had a bunch of felted sweaters, mostly cashmere, she had been saving for something special.  She sent them to me and requested two blankets for her son and daughter.  She liked the look of large geometric pieces and some random circles.  I've been adding a crocheted star to all my blankets.  I made about a hundred of these last summer.  They go so fast, that I had a hard time quitting, then.  It was like picking blackberries or pulling weeds, just one more.
All the blankets I usually make are quilt designs and very orderly.  She doesn't know how much harder random is for me.  These aren't my usual style, but I'm pleased with the way they turned out.  Large pieces should be easier, but not for this OCD type.  I spent too much of my time obsessing over placement.
I feel they would have benefited from some orange or green.  I always like a complimentary color thrown in.

There's a tiny blue polo player on the upper left circle.

This was the first one I made.The long strips of cashmere weren't as easy to sew as I had thought they would be.  They are so soft and tender.  I cut shorter pieces for the next one.

The blue stripe was too bold to use in big pieces, I put one long strip off center, a couple smallish pieces and used up every last bit of it in the binding.  I filled in the binding length with the lightest blue.  Love the stripes around the edge.  Now, the whole blanket gets to share that wonderful sweater!

It's time to box them up and get to the post office on Monday!