Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kaleidoscope Blanket

I finally finished the next blanket.  I love this pattern, how different it can look depending on the color arrangement.  This is the same pattern as the last blanket, just made to look like individual stars.

I was halfway done when the machine suddenly stopped.  It wouldn't move at all.  Good thing it wasn't in the needle down position.
I started with the darkest sweater.  It had lots of pattern and the fancy ribbing looked like it would be perfect for the outer border.  If you look closely you can see the button holes.
This sweater was hard to work with, it had 2 layers and it was hard to catch both edges when sewing it together.  I went back over a lot of the edges with a long, shallow zig-zag to fasten the layers to each other.

When I picked up the machine, the repairman said I wouldn't believe how much fiber he took out of it.  I told him, I would.  Ha!
I need to figure out how to open up the machine so I can periodically dig the fiber out for myself and oil it.  My last machine was so easy to service myself.


  1. Your blankets are beautiful! Inspired by your work, I completed my first baby blanket this evening. What fun! I will give it to a friend at her baby shower this week. I think my zigzagging was a little tight as I had quite a bit of rippling throughout the quilt. Since the blanket is for a baby girl, my clever daughter suggested that instead of adding a border, I zig-zag the the raw edges giving them a ruffled effect. That's what I did and I think it looks good but I'd like to get my next one to lie flatter. Thanks again for the inspiration, I love your work.