Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Therapy Quilting

Last fall, I was feeling down and short on cash and decided to self medicate with crafting.  It almost always works for whatever ails me.  I had wanted to try wonky stars and threw the wonky log cabins in to mix it up.
I already had the bird fabric from IKEA and left over batting from Rachel's quilt.  The rest of these beauties came form Rachel's scrap bag.  She's made so many beautiful things for her Etsy shop, there was lots to choose from.

There was plenty of information on line to guide me through the star construction.  In September, I went to the Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting and Ale had a lesson in quilting with perle cotton.  Very timely.  I've done a lot of quilting, but only with regular quilting thread.  This gave me another new thing
to try.

Most of the stars.  Apparently, I can't push the save button when I'm editing the photos.
All 5 stars.  There, it's in there now.

The log cabins, with little birdies peeking out.

The binding was all pieced from the same fabrics.  I accidently made too much and used the extra to make the back more interesting.  It's about 48 inches square.  If I was to do it over, I'd use a solid for the background.  The black and white had too much pattern to give the blocks enough contrast.
I have no use for this quilt, but enjoyed the process and it really did work to lift my spirits.  I spent a total of $3 on it for the perle cotton with my coupon.
My biggest lesson learned, was that I am not a wonky quilter.  This was way out of my comfort zone.  I like having things line up.
What have you done to work through the blues?


  1. I love the bird fabric. You pieced it together so interesting with the little birdies peeking out. I think it's adorable.

    I also (finally) just started following you!

    amy @

  2. I love it Auntie Molly! I know I saw it in person, but it looks so great in the pictures too. I'm working on cleaning up my work space now, so that I can get back to some projects soon. Love to see some new posts!

  3. Molly, this is gorgeous! I hope you've found a good purpose for it by now :)