Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Scrappy Blanket

I'm not keeping up with the quantity of blankets I had hoped to make.  I thought I could make a new one each week.  As much as I love making these, the selection process of the colors bogs me down.
This is the blanket I wanted to make, but before I cut out the star pieces, I really thought it was ugly.
I went ahead and added the solids and it made all the difference.

Looking back on this picture, I almost wish I'd put a black border on it.  It's laid out on a blanket of the same pattern.  Made it really easy to place the pieces.

The Inspector, hard at work.

This is my tried and true thread selection method.  Get a bunch of colors out and start eliminating.  Zigzag uses so much thread that I buy the big spools and have an empty spool that I put inside the cone to use it on a regular spindle.

The main pieces all together and needing a border.

The backside's as pretty as the front.


  1. As always, I LOVE your new blanket!

  2. That is simply lovely. You have a very modern and hip way of selecting and arranging your material choices. What material did you use? It looks like sweaters. And, my grandma always said, the back should look as good as the front, so I always appreciate the detail from the back as well.

    1. I like the choice of solids for the stars--very nice!