Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bunnies for Easter baskets

Easter bunny time again.  This white chocolate bunny is sold and on to her new home.  She's made of felted wool sweater, cream on the front and soft pink on the back.
All hand embroidered to resemble a molded chocolate bunny with a yellow frosting eye.  The pattern came from a metal chocolate mold that I've had for many years.
I got a special order for 4 bunnies.  Here the pieces are cut out and pins mark the starting points for embroidering the lines.  Each one comes out a little different.
Because they're an order, I think I put more flowers on than I have before.  It's hard to stop embellishing.  On the mold, one side has flowers and the other has clover.  So, the boys face right and the girls face left.  What better way for them to be nose to nose?  Bunny smooches!
Front and back sewn together and the bottoms pinned in place.  The advantage of sewing with felt is tiny seam allowances.  There's no need to snip any curves or trim points.
Finished!  Ready to list and hope that the person who requested them loves the way they turned out.  I do.
Another cake from work on Sunday.  The little girl picked out all her own colors and flavors.  The only thing I would have done different is make the writing baby blue.  Yellow is never my choice to write on white, not enough contrast.