Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

Gahhh!  214, back to week 6.  8 pounds down or 10% there.
Well, I've been so bad, this is week 10 and I missed 7,8 and 9.  I spent 7 being bad and gaining weight and 8 and 9 being mostly good and losing it again.
Still no good plan for getting to the gym.  I'm on my feet all day at work so it isn't appealing at all right after and then I relax some at home and lose my drive to go then, too.  Time to man-up and just do it.  Besides, working out really keeps me on my diet.
On another note, I love my new haircut!  Too bad it spends so much of it's time under a hat at work.
This was a special order at work.  I thought it turned out pretty.  After I took the first picture, I decided to add the little flowers.  I really think the yellow centers, make the colors pop.  It's funny to me that people have to put so many names on a cake for the same person.  Couldn't you stick to one?  I'm sure they know who they are.  In that case, why not add Uncle, Cousin, Nephew, Brother and (giant leap) his Name?
I've been working on lots of crafts, Rachel's quilt top is completely done, the back is pieced and the batting is ready.  Pictures soon.


  1. You're doing fantastic! I have to look at the big picture myself, and remind myself that I am still down pounds when I fluctuate a little.

    That cake looks great! I thought it was for 3 people at first, lol.

    I like your haircut too :)

  2. I bet someone at the party probably thinks he's a turd too but at least they didn't want that on the cake!

  3. Oh your cakes are wonderful! This one reminds me of the cake I bought for my hubby's bday. I asked for "Batman does not eat nachos" and the cake guy didn't even bat an eye! He just said ok and 2 seconds later handed me the cake LOL!