Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rachel's Quilt- Pieced Back

When I measured the quilt top to buy fabric for the back, I was surprised that it was 8 feet square.  What the heck?!!!  I must have known this at some point, but like I said, this was started so many years ago.  With fabric 44" wide, 2 lengths would still be at least 9-10" too narrow.  I could get 3 more yards of white or take a different approach on the flip side.  The front is as old fashioned as can be, intended to resemble quilts from the 30's or 40's.  I decided to run 2 strips of pinwheels on the back, using all the left over fabrics.  The elaborate quilting will be most of the design on this side.
Some pinwheels started
More pinwheels with the rest pinned and marked for sewing.
Close ups of the strips.  Some had to be pieced to make enough pinwheels.
Old fashioned fabrics, semi-modern quilt?  Works for me.  Now I need to find a space big enough to lay it all out for basting   This is my biggest area and it had to be all gathered up at the edges to take the picture.

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