Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Flowers Done

I've been working away on Rachel's quilt this week.  21 flowers to go!  That's out of the original 80.  I got close enough to the end to just work on the largest, most time consuming, flowers.  There are 3 sizes and it's nice to see the hardest ones coming to a finish.
If I ever make another large applique quilt, it'll probably be a traditional Hawaiian design.  Two colors, maybe aqua and white, with one continuous line of hand-sewing.  Not 330 individual pieces in the large flowers, alone!  Boy, I wish I hadn't thought that out.
I can hardly wait to get the flowers done. There will be so many hours of quilting to finish this, but that will be a nice change.  A quilt this intricate will have a lot of stitching.
Sadly, I already know which quilt top I'll begin piecing as soon as I begin quilting this one.  I've had a kit called "delectable mountain" picked out for child number 2 since shortly after starting this one.  It won't need nearly the hours to complete it.  It originally called for white fabric to complete it and I had always thought I'd replace the black print with a green and use black fabric for the main color.  Now, I see so many quilts using gray and love the look.  A light gray would be perfect for the completion.
Back to these flowers, I feel so much accomplishment and not a little excited to see it taking shape.

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