Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

217 pounds.  5 pounds lost in 3 weeks.  Not great, but 5 more than in that many months.  I'm sure there's a direct relationship to how many times I went to the gym. *cringe*  I'm not really comfortable going yet.  If I went more often that would change, I know.  I have stuck to my diet, however, that's probably the only reason for any loss, at all.
This is the last large flower, cut, glued and basted in place.  I'll sew it tonight and then I have 19 (20, poo, I miscounted) to go!  I'll sew the smallest flowers next.  There are very few of them.  The middle-sized flowers are the easiest, I'll save them for last, like dessert!

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