Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

220 pounds, 2 pounds less.  Not a lot for a first week, but I haven't been to the gym either.  I don't feel horrible, draggy from my cold, so this is the day.  I've still got a little cough and stuffiness, but it's so much better.

I finished another project last night and this morning.  I've made a few wool blankets this last 2 years.  They're lap or baby blanket sized, about 40" square.  I love them and thought they would be a good selling item on Etsy, but I thought wrong.  I've given one to my sister for her birthday and she says she loves it, too.  I sold one in my shop, thank you so much to the person who bought it.  I started one with a different design this fall and then got busy with Christmas before it was finished.  My daughter liked it so much, that I finished it for her.

It started as the spiderweb string quilt design, adapted for wool sweater felt.  I used some cabled sweaters and aligned the cables the way the strings would go.  It just needed a border to finish it.  Esther likes it, too.

It's stitched in bright neon green.  I chose two sweaters to use and decided on 5" borders.

Another completed project.  It must be time to applique some flowers tonight. After the gym. :D

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