Monday, January 10, 2011

Will this cold never end?

I haven't made it to my first day at the gym.  I've dragged my heels each day, like the bad girl I am.  Since last Wednesday, I've had a yucky cold.  The last thing I desire is breathing hard and sweating.  I did make it over there today to set up the account I'd already purchased.  I think I'm going to like the gym and the pool.
This Christmas, I sold 25 stockings.  I really enjoyed picking out the sweaters to use for each set and the whole production of cutting and sewing.  Every time one sold, I felt so happy that someone had chosen my creation.  The idea that they will look forward to seeing their own special stocking come out of the decorations box each year, feels good.
Today, I sewed the last of those stockings.  It was requested just 2 days before the holiday to be made after.  This is a next year's stocking.
Here are pictures of the pieces cut out.  I usually make the back plain, he wanted it striped on both sides and a fold down cuff.  There will be 2 pom-poms at the hanging edge by the end of the evening.
Pieces cut and ready for sewing.
Some still need to be cut in half.

Showing both sides

Ta-da!  Nearly finished and ready for pom-poms.
The pocket is sized for index cards.

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  1. hello molly and thanks for your comment on mine,
    your quilt is gorgeous as are these socks, good luck with
    your plans, i hope blogging will help motivate you it seems to
    do that , the trick is to keep at it though!!
    all the best